This is the Sochewster catalog of 3D animated Models with original music by Howard Kilik. Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy a sampling of new works.

Or, for Hi definition, Full size (1920 x 1080 HD) versions of Headed This Way, New Age Icicle Torus, ShroomLamp and The Diver in the Cube, click on those titles or go to to bid on or buy from the collection of works by Sochewster:

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New Age Icicle Torus
New Age Icicle Torus. Solo was shivering when he saw this. The icicles are pretty scary.
Chewy really wants The Crown, but Solo says “The Crown doesn’t make The King”
The Diver
Chewy thought this may be a dancer, but Solo sees it as a Diver high above the water. Maybe…?

The Dancing Garden
Some sort of a dance being done here. Luckily, Chewy remembered that it came from a picture of the garden. Hence The Dancing Garden
The Genie Bowl
The Genie Bowl. Rub the bowl. Maybe you’ll get a wish. Chewy and Solo both wished for a cookie, so they split it right down the middle.
The ShroomLamp, designed to engage the mind and enhance focus
Headed This Way – Saves the trouble of having to “Look Up”

About The Sochewster Catalog of 3D animated Models with Original Music

A variety of Software is used to create the 3D Animated Models:

Sketches made on the iPad with Omnisketch are applied to 3D models created on the iPad with Sketch3D. They are then sent to the desktop as “collada” files where they are loaded into Blender (currently 2.9x). Once animated and assembled in Blender, the animation is exported to DaVinci and then exported from there in a format (H264) that Cakewalk/Sonar understands. In Sonar, music is realized using many different sources, but primarily Kontakt (Native Instruments), VCV Rack, and the Roli Soundboard with Equator. The music is then mixed and then exported back to DaVinci where the final product is created.

This website is created in WordPress. The video streaming is provided by Presto Player and The site is hosted on Dreamhost and all materials are copyright 2021.

Oh, and by the way, many thanks are owed to Chewy and Solo for their cooperation in creating this site. Sochewster’s very existence could not have happened without the loving attention of these two terriers. Their support and encouragement are gratefully acknowledged.

This website and all materials on it are copyright 2021-2023

If you’re enjoying the works of Sochewster, donations are welcome and greatly appreciated (Venmo @Howard-Kilik or the Paypal button below)

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